HN-R3 emulsion cutting fluid


This product is a red-brown transparent liquid compound of refined mineral oil, rust inhibitors, oily agents, surfactants, stabilizers and other additives to fungicides antibacterial cutting fluid emulsion, diluted liquid milky white appearance, non-toxic, non-corrosive, with excellent lubrication, rust, cooling and cleaning performance and anti-corruption capacity, and improve the accuracy of the machined surface and reduce environmental pollution has a significant effect. Overcome general emulsion perishable common rust, and can be recycled for a long time. The cutting fluid for most machining mode steel, iron and other metals, including cutting, grinding, drilling, reaming. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle spare parts and other machinery industries.

Characteristic: :

1. excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the work of the inter-process rust;
2. good lubrication to ensure the accuracy and surface finish of the machined surface;
3. all unpleasant odor, easily operatives accepted;
4. strong anti-corruption performance, long life cycle, reduce the cost.

Quality index:

Item Index Test method
Original liquid Appearance Henna transparent liquid Eyeballing
Stability of storage qualified SH0365
The diluted solution Appearance milky and semi-transparent Eyeballing
PH value 9.5±0.5 PH meter
Surface tension 25℃≤mN/m 40 Surface tension meter
Antirust single sheet 24h, 35±2℃ qualified SH0365 Appendix II
Corrosion 55±2℃ 10# steel ≥ h 48 SH0365 Appendix IV
H62 copper ≥ h 8 SH0365 Appendix IV
LY12aluminum≥ h 8 SH0365 Appendix IV

Purpose and use:

This product is suitable for most machining process a variety of metals, when used with industrial tap into the preparation of 3 to 5% dilution, recycling, and regularly add.

Packing and storage:

20L, 200L drum, net weight 20kg, 170kg. Above 0 ℃ storage.


Suitably diluted with water hardness 50 ~ 150ppm;
Slowly pour the liquid should be diluted with water and keep stirring to prevent gelation.

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