HN-R1 Grinding & Antirust Emulsification Oil

This product is made of synthetic factory rust agents, emulsifiers and base oils formulated.

· The product of the processed products rust, good finish.
· Main rust agents, emulsifiers are factory-made, quality and stability.
· Easy moldy, long life cycle, the use of non-toxic, non-irritating odor


This product is suitable for grinding machines, lathes and other machinery processing, with good anti-rust, lubricating, cleaning, cooling performance, can also be tested in immersion and spray rust.

Directions for use:

A concentration of 2-5%, and diluted with water.

Quality index

Item Index Test method
Appearance Henna oil Eyeballing
5% PH 8-9.5 PH test paper
Latex stability 5% Separated oil no SH0365-92 AppendixⅠ
Separated soap  ≤0.5
Corrosion test 55±2℃ Cast iron sheet 24h SH0365-92 Appendix IV
H62 copper sheet 1h
Antirust property, cast iron sheet 35±2℃ Single sheet 24h SH0365-92 Appendix
Lamination sheet 4h
Latex anti salt property  Non-phase separation SH0365-92 Appendix III
Defoaming property 10min ≤2  SH0365-92Appendix V

Packing and storage

170kg drums, please above 0 ℃ indoor storage.

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