HN-M8 synthetic cutting fluid


The red-brown transparent liquid product, a composite of fine mineral oil, high rust lubricant additive and a nonionic surfactant made of a stabilizer, diluent which is a yellowish white translucent appearance, with excellent cooling, lubrication , anti-rust and anti-corruption performance, long cycle use. Product non-toxic, non-corrosive, suitable for steel, cast iron grinding and general machining, especially for cutting large, fast cutting speed, the cooling rate required to provide sufficient processing methods, such as cold-rolled steel enterprises supporting rollers, hot mill work rolls, backup rolls, as well as automobile, motorcycle parts grinding and machining centers, automatic machine tools, such as the cooling system.



◆ excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the work of the inter-process rust.
◆ excellent cooling performance, the grinding process can take a lot of timely grinding heat and prolong wheel life.
◆ no bad smell, easily operatives accepted.
◆ lubricating, machining surface to ensure the accuracy and surface finish.
◆ excellent resistance to corruption performance, long life cycle.



This product is suitable for a variety of metal processing technology to most models.


Directions for use:
Formulated industrial use 2-3% dilution water, recycling, and regularly added.


Quality index

Item Index Test method
original liquid Appearance Yellow transparent liquid Eyeballing
Storage stability qualified Standards of enterprise
Diluted solution 2% Appearance Colorless liquid Eyeballing
PH value 9.0±0.5 PH meter
Surface tension25℃≤ mN/m 40 Surface tension meter
Antirust single sheet 48h, 35±2℃ qualified SH0365 Appendix II
Corrosion 55±2℃ 10# steel ≥ h 48 SH0365 Appendix II
H62 copper≥ h 8 SH0365 Appendix II
LY12 aluminum≥h 8 SH0365 Appendix II
Defoaming property ml≤ qualified 1L/min huffing method



Put the original liquid into the water slowly, continue mixing round to prevent it being jellied.


Packing and storage

Packed in 25L plastic cask or 200L iron cask.

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