HN-M-7 Semi-synthetic Cutting Liquid


It is tRed-brown transparent liquid, compounded by purificatory petrolatum, high efficiency antirust and smooth additive, nonionic surfactant, stabilization agent etc. Its diluent is white and transparent. It has excellent functions of cooling, lubricating, anti rust and anti corrosion etc. It can be cycle used in a long-term. It is innoxious, not corrosive, used for grinding and normal cutting for steel, cast iron etc. especially used for a mass of cutting, fast cutting, and required to offer the cooling speed processing ways. Such as cool roll supplied roller and hot roll working roller in steel enterprise, and cutting for the parts of truck, motorbike, and the cooling systems of processing center, auto machine tools etc.


•  It has excellent antirust property to ensure the anti rust of work pieces and instruments.

•  Excellent cooling function, can remove a lot of grinding heat in time while grinding, and can extend the using period of grinding wheels.

•  No smells, easy to be accepted by operators. The anti corrosion property is very good with a long term using period.


It is used for grinding and normal cutting of steel and cast iron.

Directions for use

Prepare it to be 2~3% consistence by tap water, it can be used it circularly. Please add it termly.

Quality index

Item Index Test method
original liquid Appearance henna transparent liquid Eyeballing
Storage stability qualified Standards of enterprise
Diluted solution 2% Appearance yellow white and semitransparent Eyeballing
PH value 9.0±0.5 PH meter
Surface tension25℃≤ mN/m 40 Surface tension meter
Antirust single sheet 48h, 35±2℃ qualified SH0365 Appendix II
Corrosion 55±2℃ 10# steel ≥ h 48 SH0365 Appendix II
H62 copper≥ h 8 SH0365 Appendix II
LY12 aluminum≥h 8 SH0365 Appendix II
Defoaming property ml≤ qualified 1L/min huffing method


Put the original liquid into the water slowly, continue mixing round to prevent it being jellied.

Packing and storage

Packed in 25L plastic cask or 200L iron cask.

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