HN-M-6 Semi-synthetic Cutting Liquid


It is confected by antirust, emulsification agent, basis oil and water. It has advantages of both emulsification oil and the complex cutting liquid, meanwhile, it has abandoned the disadvantages of them. Its quality is stable, good at anti rust and high smoothing for the machining products. It is hard to be transmutative, with a long-term use period, no innoxious and smells.


•  It is transparent while using, easy for watching the processed surface.

•  It doesn’t contain injurant and will not effect the health of operators.

•  Low form, well in cooling, strong in smoothing, and can increase the smoothness 1-2 class.

•  Well cleaning, can make machine tools and work piece clean and the grinding wheels durable. Hard to be transmutative, and with a long-term use period.


It is used for machining as grinding machine, lathe etc. with good functions of anti rust, smoothing, cleaning and cooling.

Directions for use

Prepare it to be the 2-5% consistence by tap water.

Quality index

Item Index Test method
Original liquid Appearance Henna transparent liquid Eyeballing
Stability of storage qualified Standards of enterprise
The diluted solution 2% Appearance Yellow white and transparent Eyeballing
PH value 9.0±0.5 PH meter
Surface tension 25℃≤mN/m 40 Surface tension meter
Antirust single sheet 24h, 35±2℃ qualified SH0365 Appendix II
Corrosion 55±2℃ 10# steel ≥ h 24 SH0365 Appendix II
H62 copper ≥ h 4 SH0365 Appendix II
LY12aluminum≥ h 4 SH0365 Appendix II
Defoaming property ml ≤ qualified 1L/min huffing method


Put the original liquid into the water slowly, continue mixing round to prevent it being jellied.

Packing and storage

Packed in 25L small cask, 200L big cask.

Keep ventilated in room above 0 ℃ .


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