HN-Q1 cleaning cleaning agent

HN-Q1 metal surface cleaning agent is a variety of surfactants with a detergent . It can go to the oil , decontamination, so that the surface clean and dry . Accelerating abrasive cleaning abrasive on the surface to protect the surface being excessively scratched, is ideal for heavy-duty abrasive surface .
Cleaning principle:
Emulsifying surfactant can play a dispersing action surface dirt , so the dirt into a solution state , under the action of the abrasive is easy to clean , protect excessive scratching the workpiece surface.
· Convenience: product is suitable for all kinds of metal products for cleaning , easy to operate . Whenever and wherever they are a trustworthy product .
· Efficiency: operating process is simple, cleaning efficiency is greatly improved . Improve the surface properties of the metal . Improve the surface condition of the workpiece , improve production efficiency.
· Economy: questions on a variety of metal surface , can be effective cleaning process . Jane dosage province , accelerate user productivity rate, shorten the construction period , save fees .
· Environmental protection: human security, biodegradable surfactant component is high, reducing environmental pollution.
· Security: not flammable, explosive items, no smell ; contain heavy metals .
Together with the abrasive, or other workpiece vibration polisher , abrasive cleaning power , until the surface of the workpiece to achieve the desired effect of cleaning up . According to the amount of added size of the machine , for example: 100 liters vibration machine need to add 0.15 ~ 0.2kg, the remaining pro rata according to the size of the machine on. The centrifuge is required to pay more discretion 0.05kg / barrel.
Quality index:

Test method
Light yellow transparent liquid
PH value
pH paper
Corrosion test 55±2℃
Cast iron tablets
10 # steel 72h
LY12 aluminum 24h
Cleaning rate % 3
Weight method

Preservation methods :
Keep this product should not be more than two years after purchase, unused product should be sealed packaging, in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. This product is the color change does not affect the normal use of the product.

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