HN-77-2 Metal Cleaning & Antirust Agent


It is made up of anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant and antirust agent.


•  Strong in cleaning and instead of benzine, diesel oil, coal oil, will not be volatile, and hard to be on fire.

•  Be antirust. It is antirust for a short-term after cleaning, the antirust period in room is two days.

•  The cleaning temperature can be lower 10-20 ℃ than common cleaning agent. The fluid is good at low temperature, it is transparent.


It is used for cleaning the metal parts as axletrees, tools, measures, blades, gear wheels etc. and maintain the industrial mine machine, machine tools, cars, cleaning their parts and short-term anti rust.

Directions for use

•  The cleaning of ethereal oil

The use consistence is 2~3%, temperature 50~60 ℃ , for fulling, brushing, spraying, it is better to choose 77-5 cleaning agent.

•  The cleaning of heavy oil (such as cleaning for the maintenance of trucks, machine tools)

It is better to choose two troughs or heat to clean. (Heat is better.)

Cleaning in normal temperature, the first trough consistence 10~15%, the second trough consistence 2~3%.

Heat to clean, the first trough consistence: 5~10%, the second trough consistence: 2~3%,

50~55 ℃ .

Quality index

Item Index Test method
PH value 8.0-10.0 PH test paper
Antirust property 35±2℃ Castiron single sheet 24h qualified GB6144-85
Lamination 6h
Corrosion test 55±2℃ Cast iron sheet 24h qualified GB6144-85
10# steel sheet 72h
The stability -10℃/4h to room temperature Non-phase separation /
55℃/4h to room temperature
The cleaning rate 60±2℃ 3 98.0% Weight method
Surface tension dyn/cm £ 35 BIHR180 boundary tension meter
Foam quantity £ 5(no requirement of the foaming type) GB6144-85 

Packing and storage

200kg drums, please above 0 ℃ indoor storage.

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