HN-TS-1 Dehydration Antirust Oil

This product is highly efficient dewatering agents, rust inhibitors, refined oil was formulated.

The product has a better ability to remove metal surface water film and adhesion layer of rust on film, and to protect the metal from corrosion.

This product is suitable for cutting, grinding rust after the dehydration process, the aqueous cleaning oil seal process, the workpiece surface oiled before dehydration, steel pickling - after washing, dewatering liquid water rust.

Directions for use:
After the workpiece after cleaning to wet directly immersed in the oil a little shaking (groove blind holes are required to flip), after about 1 minute out of the box.

Quality standards:

Quality index

Item  Index  Test method
Appearance Pale yellow to brown transparent oily liquid Eyeballing
The dehydration property (s) Qualified Q/320400GH031(4.2)
Moisture & Heat trial (day)49±1℃ 0 class  45# steel ≥7 Qualified GB/T2361
H62 copper ≥5 Qualified
Lamination test(day) 49±1℃ 45# steel ≥7 Qualified Q/320400GH030(4.8)
Corrosion test(day) 45# steel ≥7 Qualified SH/T0080
H62 copper ≥5 Qualified 

Packing and storage

150kg iron drum. 0 ~ 4 ℃ indoor storage, to prevent water and other debris mixed.


The bottom of the trough is taper, and fixed with valve, the place 100mm far from the bottom should fix metal net or lacunaris plate, remove the cleaning liquid and dirt at the valve bottom in time while using.

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