HN-F20-1 Lamella Antirust Oil


This machinery oil is the basis oil. It is compounded with many kinds of antirust additives and other additives.

This product is refined mineral oil as base oil , together with a variety of anti-rust additives and other additives compound formed.

The product is a brown oily liquid , the use of less fuel consumption , the film is thin, transparent , beautiful, easy to clean, unsealed and easy to use. Rust period is generally up to two pieces of steel , copper pieces for one year, oil shelf life of one year.

This product is suitable for steel, copper , aluminum , silver plated, lead, cadmium plated , blue hair and other metal parts and assemblies products, such as bearings , tools, knives, machine parts and other storage rust seal .

Directions for use:
1 Long-term storage rust :
⑴ After cleaning rust oil : the desire parts rust oil washed first with gasoline or kerosene , coupled with the transition to clean ( 30% -40 % of the gasoline , kerosene plus 60 % -70 % of the F20-1) the product is then coated with a sealed package .
⑵ water after cleaning rust : Parts cleaning agent used , preferably with CT-1 off the water and then oiled sealed packaging .
2 short-term process rust : the cleaning process with the same long-term storage , and the length of time needed rust oiled , proper use of this product can be diluted with kerosene and gasoline .
3 can be dipping, spraying or brushing were oiled .

Quality standards:
Q/320400 GH030-2001

Quality index:

Item  Index  Test method
Appearance brown oily liquid Eyeballing
Oil basis stability qualified SH/T0214
Moisture % ≤ trace GB260
Salt spray test (hour)  Steel sheet ≥ 48 SH/T0081
Copper sheet≥ 48
Lamination test (day)
Steel sheet ≥ 7 Q/320400GH030(4.8)
Moisture and heat test (day)
Steel sheet ≥ 14 GB/T2361
Copper sheet≥ 14
Aluminum sheet≥ 14
Corrosion test (day)
Steel sheet ≥ 7 SH/T0080
Copper sheet ≥ 7
Aluminum sheet ≥ 7
Sweat substitution property (1 day) Steel sheet qualified SH/T0311

1 The product stored indoors, cut water, oil and other debris mixed.
2 former Oiler, oiled piece should be kept clean and dry. 3 oiled work shall be packed full.

Product packaging
170kg iron drum. 18Kg plastic drum.

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